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Today I have a real confession. Last night, I intended to sample lots of wines, plural noun, which I did, but then I also ended up drinking lots of wine, mass noun. And it was great! I haven’t had a little too much to drink in a long time. Or ingested such an abundance of cheese! It made my boyfriend and I feel like undergraduates again. (Because, as graduate students, we are very far removed from that life, of course.) When you live with somebody, things can fall into a comfortable routine – I suppose the alternative is a never-ending series of passionate altercations – which is really, really nice most of the time, but doing something novel and crazy once in a while is a welcome change. And if the craziest thing I ever do is have half a wheel of camembert for a bedtime snack, I still qualify as a boring person.

I was a little thirsty this morning, but otherwise unscathed. I had my usual four weetabix for breakfast, with a few raspberries for added oomph. (And vitamins.) In addition to my wine habit, I’ve developed quite a tea habit, so I also had a few cups of rooibos.

Then my run, my longest in a while. I mentioned before that I sort of hibernated for the darkest and most depressing parts of winter, and this week is the first that I’ve been racking up any significant mileage. I stayed out for 30 minutes today, which is a very nice amount of time, I think. I’m happiest with a 30-45 minute run about five days a week, and I’m confident that I’ll be back at that point in a week or two. If I had nicer places to run, an hour would be great, but I think I’d exhaust all of the scenic roads in the area in an hour, and I don’t like repetition or doubling back. Well, we’ll see.

For a post-run snack I had some delicious rhubarb yogurt, a sprinkling of my homemade granola (all that was left), and a few more berries.

We’re a little low on food, so lunch was a bowl of oatmeal with a bit of sugar, some cocoa powder, and vanilla and almond extracts. I have to trick myself into thinking oatmeal is something else or I can’t eat a whole bowl of it.

Dinner was the only “fun” meal of the day, since I got to cook it! I was a bit mad at myself, though, since I forgot to save half of the onion I used yesterday for today. Still, inner was delicious anyway – a sort of aloo channa chaat to which I added some carrots, just to use up our bounty. I prefer all of my foods carrotless, certainly, but if you make the curry flavorful enough, those darn carrots can disappear. Almost. (I learned to cook when I lived in the West Indies, in case you’re curious about why a white girl like me does so much Indian-inspired cooking.)

No late-night wine-drinking or cheese-eating today – I have a long day tomorrow. Details to come.

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