Another quick update, since I’m still off on a grand adventure.

Yesterday my marvelous boyfriend and I went to a nice (and by that I mean “expensive”) dinner for the first time in many months. We hadn’t spent this much money on a meal since I took him out for his birthday in the fall! But you know what? It was worth it, even as poverty-stricken (well, almost) graduate students. I had a fantastic onion tart as a first course that was served with gorgonzola ice cream, believe it or not. And the cheese selection for dessert was, if not as novel as the blue cheese ice cream, just as delicious. And cheese is a good way to end any meal.

Today, though, I must rely on convenience stores and airport food courts for sustenance, since we’re on our way home. The weekend was fun, but I am excited to go back to my own bed and sleep all day tomorrow. (Not all day, I guess – I have to cook Valentines dinner!)

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