Ah, home. It sure is nice. Traveling is fun, but weekends in foreign countries really do tire a girl out.

And it’s Valentine’s Day! (More about that later.)

But first let me tell you about my run this morning.

I am notoriously inept when it comes to reading maps, knowing what direction I’m facing, and so forth. However, I thought I had found a pretty clearly marked 2.5 mile loop on one of those online run-mapping tools. I usually don’t bother with things like that, because I don’t worry too much about exact distances or anything, but I’m not too familiar with the area and didn’t want to get lost. But get lost I did, and pretty spectacularly at that! I actually had to stop and ask for directions. My 2.5 miles turned into 5 miles, and while I didn’t run the whole thing, and the parts that I did run were pretty slow, I’m still proud of myself.

I am also slowly getting less self-conscious about being seen running, which I’m even more proud of. I still don’t think I’ll ever want to go running on a busy street or in a park full of other runners, but I ran past a few other people today and didn’t worry (too much) about what they thought of me – even if they saw me walking, not running. One girl looked to me like one of those “real runner” types – real running attire rather than my Victoria’s Secret sports bra, college-logo’d shorts, and fraternity tee-shirt – and we crossed paths on my way out. But since I ended up turning around after 2.5 miles rather than continuing to look for a loop back (which I have learned does not actually exist), I passed her again on my way home – and she was just standing in one place, pacing a little. It reminded me of, well, something I’d do. And bit by bit, I’m coming to the conclusion that nobody’s out there to judge other runners, we’re all just out there to run. And that’s a nice feeling.

Now, some tea, relaxation, and prep for Valentine’s dinner…

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