Ok, yesterday was pretty culinarily dead. I had multiple bowls of cereal and a few hunks of cheese. And instead of a run, I went for a walk. Yup.

But today was back to the usual routine. Weetabix for breakfast, of course, and then a 2.5 mile run. Nothing spectacular, distance-wise, but one of my discoveries today was that I can be pretty fast. I usually run slowly, and by “slowly” I mean “at a comfortable pace,” but sometimes I find myself thinking, “if I’m going this slowly, I might as well be walking.” Well, today there was a man out walking on the roads I was running on, and I passed him on my way out, got to the 1.25 mile mark, turned around, and passed him again on my way out, proving to myself once and for all that I’m actually moving faster than a walk. Huzzah.

Oatmeal for lunch – I may have oversweetened it a little, or maybe my oat tolerance is increasing. Either way, I had it with brown sugar, vanilla and almond extracts, and a few chocolate chips. Sounds like a dessert. But the vanilla really make a big difference in making it palatable. Still, I don’t aspire to be like certain bloggers who eat theirs unsweetened 😉 Some of the sugar is here to stay, I believe.

I’ve got a loaf of whole wheat bread rising, and I’m also planning to make a carrot bread today (like pumpkin bread, but carrot instead, because that’s what I have.) I always feel so domestic on bread-baking days.

Dinner is not for many more hours, but I have big plans for my big collection of vegetables. Mostly just roasting them all together. So many vegetables, though! Rutabaga/swede, parsnips, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower. If only I had a sweet potato to add to the mix. Vegetables excite me, perhaps more than they should. It’s Thursday, so I’m eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s veg box delivery…

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