I want to dedicate this post to the sandwich.

You see, it’s been a while since I’ve had a proper sandwich. I hadn’t baked bread for a while, and even when I did have bread around, I lacked essential sandwich fillings such as tomatoes and lettuce. But, today, the stars have aligned and I will be having a sandwich for lunch.

Homemade wheat bread, a slice of edam, tomato, romaine lettuce, a thin slice of onion and – this is what really makes it – a ring of pineapple. That is correct. Pineapple on sandwiches is one of my lingering  habits from living in the West Indies, which I guess makes sense (tropical fruit, right?), but the strange part of the story is that I picked up the habit from eating at Subway. Not that I eat at Subway a lot. Never, actually, unless I’m in Piarco International Airport.

I am also excited because I get to cook dinner for myself tonight! (Rather than myself and my boyfriend.) He’s got a fancy black-tie academic dinner to attend, so I can make something extra spicy for myself. Or not. But I like having the option. I’m leaning towards pasta with roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and onions.

Mmm. Food.

But I guess I should go take a shower now, because I am covered in sweat from my run. It’s gross, but I feel like I actually did something, you know?

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