Ok, so yesterday I wrote about how much I love sandwiches. But that was before I experienced the fabulousness that was my dinner.

I like cooking for one, sometimes, because I can make it exactly how I want it. Most of the time my boyfriend and I like the same things, but we disagree about a few – capers, for one. So last night, while he was out “networking,” I put together this masterpiece:

1 cup savoy cabbage
1 red bell pepper
1 yellow onion
2 cloves garlic
1 large tomato
1/2 cup tomato passata
1 T olive oil
1/2 t crushed red chili
1 t capers
1 cup cooked spaghetti (I counted out 64 noodles – a 210 calorie portion – just out of curiosity but lost a few down the drain)

Assembly was as follows: bell pepper and onion were roasted with salt and 1/2 T olive oil in a 200 C oven for about an hour. I added the chopped and deseeded tomato about halfway through. Meanwhile, on the stove top, I steamed the cabbage until tender. In another pan, I sauteed the garlic and chili pepper in another 1/2 T olive oil for a few minutes, then added the tomato passata and a little salt and simmered for ~20 minutes. Mixed the roasted veg, the steamed cabbage, the cooked pasta, and the tomato sauce together, plus some capers.

Now, I don’t usually calculate exact calories, but I was curious about the spaghetti thing, mostly because I’m tired of hearing that Americans are fat pigs who eat their body weight in junk food every day. I may not live in America, but I still hate that stereotype. So I counted out my noodles – 64, which is 210 calories – and found that to be perfectly adequate and not any less than I would have eaten if I had just estimated the amount. I read some idiotic blog about how a “serving” of spaghetti is only supposed to be 1/2 cup cooked, at about 100 calories. OK, that’s fine, if you have an eating disorder. The “serving size” on a box isn’t always an indication of how much you’re supposed to eat – sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less, and the trick is using the information on the box to figure out how much you’re actually eating. If you were supposed to only eat one “serving” than nobody would ever have a sandwich with two slices of bread. But I digress. My point is that not all Americans stuff their face with 1000 calories of pasta at a time, and that some people need 1000 calories of pasta at a time, and that there is a happy medium between 1000 calories and a 100-calorie “serving.” Ugh.

But anyway: I put the total for this meal at ~460 . Spaghetti (210) + olive oil (120) + cabbage (20) + tomato (30) + bell pepper (30) + tomato passata (30) + onion (20). And that was a lot of food. Delicious, delicious food.

Ok. It’s raining so I’m not going running. I’ll go tomorrow.

And I broke out of my weetabix routine to have oatmeal this morning. No sugar! Kind of gross. But I added a banana, some soy milk, vanilla extract, and a few chocolate chips, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

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