about ellis

First, rejoice – the fact that I, ellis, figured out how to edit this page all on my own is a minor miracle. Sure, I could have read the tutorial, but that is no fun at all.

I am ellis. I am 22, and I am ‘domestically and romantically partnered’ to a man who is much, much more wonderful than I am. I am between degrees but will be going back to school next year, since this year, I am living in a strange country as a result of my aforementioned relationship. I can’t work here – so I eat, run, read, and, now, blog.

Things you will read about here include: what I eat, what I cook, how sore I am after one measly little run, fun things I do, and maybe some boring things that I do. Things you will not read about here include but aren’t limited to: diet advice, any advice in general, my family or friends, cute animals.

You will also not see any pictures. Sorry. (There used to be a day when people only read from books, which sometimes had no pictures, and newspapers, which only had a few! The internet has ruined my style. If I got paid by the word, I’d be a rich ellis.)

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